Content and Maps


13-Oct-2011 New reference maps available – Power of Dragons and Hall of Decision Duel

13-Oct-2011 Icy Defense, Island Hoppers and My Home Is My Castle revised version 3


In the end strategy is about the balance of power and what you can achieve with a given leverage. A lot of the fun in the game comes from playing against AI opponents, and with a fully featured and working AI, we can create maps that employ many advanced and interesting gameplay features. This is in particular true, if we have advanced content design tools that support the designer with feedback how the landscape and objects on the map affect the leverage and balance of power.

Our first task is to create a set of reference maps to demonstrate what an advanced AI can truly do and to tune the AI behaviour during development.

In the next step we can set out to reenvision the ToE campaign with a more interesting gameplay. This involves redesigning the maps, or parts of it, but keeping the campaign story intact.

Ultimately we will create our own original campaign.

Reference maps

The reference maps are meant to showcase what the AI can do and to fine-tune AI behaviour. They are also designed in detail, to provide a rich and beautiful experience to wake people up what a game we really have here. With a powerful AI and beautiful maps players can see the game in a new light.

Reference map candidates

The reference map candidates still need approval to become full reference maps. Once a map is tested more extensively and has received a positive feedback, it can become a full reference map. If you have played a reference map candidate we would like to have your feedback. This way you can help to promote a good map or tell us what needs fixing.