General Information and Guide


19-June-2020 – DEV DIARY – A new cycle begins


This is the home of the non-cheating AI for Heroes of Might and Magic V.


We have two goals. Our first goal is to stay true to the formula and vision of the original, similar in spirit to what HotA is for Heroes III.

Our second goal is to make the game deeper and more rich by providing it with a world-class non-cheating AI.


The latest stable release: (2011). This zip archive contains a readme with installation instructions. As you can see the lastest stable release is quite old. The next one is around the corner. In the meantime you can try our latest beta. It has a number of restrictions, so make sure to read the READFIRST.PDF (included in the downloadable zip) to see whether it is for you.

The latest beta: (2020).


We are on Discord:

You are welcome to join us.

If you just want to keep up with the development, you can read the Developer Diary.

Originally our discussion thread was located at Heroes Community > H5 - Modders Workshop > New Unofficial Patch. You might find a lot of information still there.

Quantomas (AI programmer, scientist, inventor)