Tools to Create Content


18-Feb-2011 Tool objectives


The AI has a highly structured approach towards data that pertains to map design and the objects on the map. Hence it's just logical to implement advanced AI driven tools that support map design.

These tools should give you a fair assessment what the AI can do on a given map, where contested regions are, what locations will be critical for success and more. A good tool should also allow you to determine how alterations to the map affect the balance of power. For example if you place a gold mine or native dwelling next to a player's castle, or a powerful artefact in a strategic location, teleporters, roads and so on.

This concept can be expanded further to show the likely paths and actions of the AI players on a map. This would be an adjustable lookahead computation that for example shows the likely distribution of power in a month, or two months of game time, the locations the AI can reach in this time, the frequently traveled paths and the like.



The outlined tools are possible with what we currently have, it would just require the prerequisite lookahead computation for the AI turns and the visualization. A color-coded map can contain a surprising amount of information. I will need to think a bit of how to integrate it with the map editor though. /Q